Benito Mattiolo & C s.n.c. uses the most advanced machinery for its workings. Here below we have listed the most important ones:

Laser cutting system specific for pipes and profiles, equipped with 3-D cutting end
Laser cutting system 2000x4000 power 5 kW
Hydraulic bending press 4000x160 T. C.N.C.
Bending press 3000x80 T. C.N.
Hydraulic shear 4000x6 A C.N.
3 heads Punching and nibbling machine 50 T. C.N.C.
Notching machine / picking up machine
Conveyor saw dia. 300
Conveyor saw dia. 250
calender 2000x8
calender 1000x5
calender 500x3
Semi-automatic satinizing conveyor machine
Cantilevered drill dia. 50 with arm 1200
Column drill
Welding machine for pivots
Electrical sticking machine
TIG welding machines
MIG/MAG welding machines
Riveting machine for oilpneumatic inserts
No. 3 bridge cranes capacity 5 T:
Core bits drilling machine with pneumatic plate
Fork lift capacity 2,5 T.
Metal sheet laser 2-D
Other manual accessories