Stainless Steel, Iron and Aluminium Workings

Since 1972 our company has been operating in the field of sub-supplies for medium-light carpentry through the processing of metal steel sheet and piping.

We carry out the main steps of the processing through 3-D laser cutting specific for pipes and profiles, metal steel sheet laser cutting, punching, bending, assembly and welding, as well as the surface finishing.

Our competence in the production of stainless steel workpieces is highly appreciated. Besides this, we have a skilled experience in manufacturing carbon steel and aluminium workpieces.

Our technical department normally uses 2-D, 3-D advanced software systems, capable of offering a substantial service to our customers for prototypes and granting the necessary support to achieve the most suitable method to meet the required standards.
Nowadays, the markets requests are continuously increasing, therefore our daily effort is aimed to the service and product quality, the versatility joined to the respect of our customers’requirements.

We have been working for 40 years with the utmost seriousness and this makes the BENITO MATTIOLO Company a realiable partner for the services offered.